Seal / Expunge

How Can I Seal or Expunge My Record?

There is a process to sealing or expunging your record. For starters, you’ll need to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility in order to petition the court. This means proper legal representation is a great help in the process.

Your past mistakes do not need to define your future. Sealing or expunging your record can improve your livelihood, making it easier to get a job, and more. So, if you have a criminal cloud hanging over your head, please reach out to our experienced team McCulloch Law, P.A..

Sealing a Record

By law, adult criminal records are public. When you get a record sealed, it means that there is very restricted access to that information. This does not mean that your record is completely gone. Specific officials are still able to view the information that is pertinent to them.

Expunging a Record

Expunging a record is a step above sealing a record and is even harder to obtain. Expunging a record is completely removing your record from the legal system. You must petition the court to expunge your record.

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